A Bright Fall

A Bright Fall

Usually when we think Fall fashion we think of cozy coats, scarves, beanies and boots of deep and rich colors. Most people pack away their brighter colors for the next sunny season. I actually love a pop of color during any season, but it really brings me joy to incorporate them in my colder weather looks. Just think of how dark, wet and gloomy this season can be in most parts of the country, especially here in the PNW.

Colors are known to have associations to emotions. Cool colors such as green, blue and purple can spark feelings of calmness and warm colors of red, orange and yellow can emit excitement and fun! These colors can be perfect mix in with your dark brown coat and your olive green rain boots.

For styling try a vibrant colored sweater paired with a neutral plaid jacket and blue jeans. Another great combination is dark brown with hot pink or shades of blue. For transitioning summer peices, layer a floral dress over an ecru turtleneck and add a mid calf boot. 

There are so many styling options for mixing colors and seasons! Datenitepdx would love to help you put a look together right from your own closet! Our "Closet Makeover" styling package would be perfect to compose your perfect Fall fashion wardrobe. Book today or follow us on Instagram for more style ideas!

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